2019 Eisteddfod: The Kings Go Forth by Edward Gregson


The music has arrived! I have noted that we need a few things. Let me know if you can help, either to supply the items and/ or play them.
1. piano accordion or harmonium
2. harmon, straight and cup mutes for trumpets
3. harmon mutes for trombones (who spend much of their time reading tenor clef – please let me know if we need to transpose)
4. French horn mutes
5. two violins
6. two sets of timpani – eight in total! I think that I have this sorted, but will need help with transport on the night please
7. male choir – unsure of how many, but probably 6-8 males who can hold harmonies
8. a tenor and alto soloist – I will approach individuals about this – Michael has already agreed to be the tenor
9. bodhran – already on order
10. two field drums
11. two tenor recorders. I am fairly certain that I have the instruments, so am really looking for players
12. piccolo trumpets x 2

How exciting! I hope you enjoy the piece. let me know if you would like to collect a copy of the music before we return and I will organise a time to be at school for you to collect it. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/J0XnAqcuq7Y

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